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It's a Good Day to Read a Book

Unique Designs

Welcome to our world of distinctive designs! Our bookstagram agendas and reading planners have been meticulously crafted to blend practicality and aesthetics seamlessly. We're not just about functionality; we're about infusing the magic of reading into every detail.

Special Features

Our agendas are custom designed with templates specifically for social media book reviewers. You can find monthly trackers for your arcs, cover reveals and tours. Reading and social media recaps to track your progress. Author backlists and trope trackers for easy post ideas and many more helpful features.

Excellent Customer Support

Our number one priority is for our customers to be happy with their purchases. We hope you find our planners to be useful to your reading journey and our bookmarks and stickers to be a fun addition to your collections. Please feel free to reach out anytime with questions or requests