2023 Holiday Gift Guide for Book Lovers

Book Lovers gift guide 2023 planner covers

Check out over 40 gift ideas for the book lovers in your life. Scroll down to see gift guides for your everyday reader, fantasy lover, caffeinated bookworm, Bookstagram and Booktok social media reviewer, organized reader and romance book lover. Happy Reading!

For the Everyday Book Lover

Gifts for the everyday reader
  1. Bookworm Sweatshirt – Every book lover needs a cozy sweatshirt.
  2. Reading Tracker – Our reading trackers are a thoughtful for the book obsessed!
  3. Book Lovers Bookends – Functional and adorable bookends.
  4. Dolce Far Niente Italian Lemon Bookshop – A bookish art print will brighten up any bookshelf.
  5. Aesthetic Tote Bag – A bookish tote to hold all your books!
  6. Book Stack Ornament – Adorn your tree with this beautiful bookstack ornament.

For the Cozy Caffeinated Book Lover

Gifts for the cozy caffeinated reader
  1. Fable Grounds Coffee – Coffee inspired books
  2. Coffee and Books Candle A coffee scented candle, perfection.
  3. Sweater Blanket Read a book and stay warm!
  4. Cozy Slippers Keep those toes toasty.
  5. Steeped in Lore Tea Handcrafted Tea.
  6. Mushroom Mug The cutest mug ever!

For the Fantasy Book Lover

Gifts for the fantasy reader
  1. Midnight Whispers Box – A special edition fantasy book (Use BOOKSISTERS10 to save 10%)
  2. Fourth Wing Sweatshirt – A sweatshirt to go along with your favorite fantasy book
  3. Page Overlays Reading Portal Book Sleeve – Stunning page overlays!
  4. Mushroom Book Sleeve – Carry around your books in style!
  5. Mushroom Shelf Decor – Decorate your bookshelf with the cutest knick-knacks.
  6. Bookish Art Prints – Get a print of your favorite characters.

For the Bookstagram & Booktok Reviewers

Gifts for bookstagram and booktok reviewers

  1. Book Lover Bundle – The ultimate bundle for the book reviewer!
  2. Phone Tripod – Every reviewer needs a phone stand for videos.
  3. Arc Notepad – An ARC notepad to stay organized.
  4. Seasonal Potpourri for Props – An excellent photo prop
  5. Wooden Tray – Warm up your photo shoots!
  6. A Pro Subscription to Canva or Lightroom would make for a very happy book reviewer!

For the Organized Reader

Gifts for the organized reader
  1. Hardcover Planner – Perfect gift for the avid reader.
  2. Sakura Gelly Roll Pens – A planners dream.
  3. Bookends – Keep your books straight and store your bookmarks.
  4. Book Cart – Keep your TBR organized with this rolling book cart.
  5. Color Pen Holders – Who wouldn’t want to store their pens in these adorable holders?
  6. Zebra Pen Mildliner Highlighters – Gorgeous colors that won’t bleed!

For the Romance Reader

Gifts for the romance reader
  1. Romance Trope Sweatshirt – A sweatshirt with your favorite tropes.
  2. Belle Book Box – Special edition books. (Use BOOKSISTERS10 to save 10%)
  3. Blind Date with a Book – Surprise romance book!
  4. Jane Austen Boxed Set – Everyone needs a set of romance classics.
  5. Romance Trope Tarot Cards – Pick your next read with romance trope tarot cards!
  6. Romance Candle – A trope candle everyone hates to love!

Book Lovers Stocking Stuffers

Gifts for stocking stuffers
  1. TBR Notepad – For on the go lists.
  2. Bookmarks (Moon and Stars) – You always need more bookmarks!
  3. Bookish Socks – Cozy socks for the book nerd!
  4. Annotating Kit – A thoughtful gift for a serious book lover.
  5. Bookish Stickers (Mason Jar) – Stickers to fill up your kindle covers and more!
  6. Personalized Book Stamp – Perfect for the home library

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