A Bookish Birthday Party

chapter 8 banner

Our family is not big on throwing large birthday parties for our kids. We tend to keep things small and in the family. However, my daughters and I started a new tradition a few years ago to make the day extra special. We decorate our dining room in a surprise theme and reveal the decorations to the birthday girl the morning of her birthday. We then have family over for dinner, gifts and cake. 

This year my older daughter, Layla and I came up with a book theme birthday party for my 8 year old daughter, Cassidy who LOVES to read! Below are some ideas and projects we worked on to make her surprise theme come to life. This theme can be personalized to any age, including adults. It would make a great theme for a book club as well. 

Chapter 8 Banner– This adorable banner is made up of vintage book pages that I purchased off Etsy. I will link to the seller below with other supplies.

chapter 8 banner
Chapter 8 Banner Hanging in the entrance of our dining room

Here are the materials needed for the banner:

– Vintage book pages (100 pages) shop here for book pages

– Black Acrylic Paint and paint brush shop here for acrylic paint

– Pencil

– Scissor


– Hot Glue Gun

Stencils for letters or a ruler 

Step One- Cut the book pages into banner shape by cutting a triangle off the bottom. I did this free hand but you can use a ruler. 

Step Two- In pencil, trace or create the lettering. I did my letters free hand with a ruler but you can find letter stencils to use instead. 

Step Three- Using a paint brush and the black acrylic paint, paint the letters and let dry completely. 

Step Four- Using a hot glue gun, glue the top of each banner page onto the twine. Alternatively, you can use mini clothespins to attach the banner to the twine

Paper Roses- I used the same book pages I purchased to make the paper roses. I followed this video. She gives very good step by step directions. I suggest watching the video once through and then going back and creating the roses while watching and pausing the video. 

newspaper flowers in jars
I used small glass jars to hold the paper roses

The supplies I used were:

Book Pages

– Wire for stem

– Craft glue  

-Mini glass vases to hold roses

Follow directions in this video.

Table Book Page Runner- The runner was super easy to make. My daughter Layla and I were able to get this done in 10-15 mins. I also used the book pages off Etsy to make this runner. 

book pages runner


– Book Pages

Kraft paper roll 

-Glue sticks

Step One- I  used a roll of Kraft paper to make a runner that fits my table length. I cut the paper about 10-12″ wide and 80-90″ long. You can glue multiple strips of the paper together because you won’t see this part. 

Step Two- Using a glue slick, glue the book pages onto the kraft paper making sure to cover all the paper. We placed them in all different directions. 

Other decorations I used:

Library tapestry: This is beautiful in person and is a nice thick velvety material. We are hanging it in her room now that the party is over. 

– Gummy worms we used for book worms 

– Extra book pages I placed on my wall using a sticky tack meant for posters. 

book backdrop and table setting
Library Tapestry https://amzn.to/3vZH0rY
gummy book worms
Book Worms as a fun little treat

Lastly my favorite idea was the bookmark/gift card banner. I asked all of Cassidy’s family to chip in $5-10 as a little something extra. I took the money from the family’s contributions and purchased Barnes and Noble Gift cards and bookmarks. We made a little banner on twine and hung the gift cards and bookmarks with mini clothespins. This was so exciting for her! We took her shopping for new books on her birthday. 

gift card garland
Gift Card Banner to buy new books!

I hope you enjoyed all of our ideas. If you have any questions about the projects above, please feel free to leave a comment. Happy reading!!!


  1. This is a fantastic idea. I once went to a Baby shower that had this same type of theme.. Each table had a favorite book as the decoration. And of course the Wishing well was Books for the baby..

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