A War of Two Queens (Blood and Ash Series) by Jennifer L. Armentrout- Review

This is the fourth book in the Blood and Ash Series. I always love to recommend this to anyone who enjoys books by the author Sarah J Maas. This is a great series to get into after a ACOTAR hangover. The main review below will contain no spoilers.

A War of Two Queens (Blood and Ash Series) by Jennifer L. Armentrout- Review

If you’re reading the fourth book in this series, you are already familiar with the world and characters author Jennifer L. Armentrout has created. She is incredible at character building, and this book is all about that for me.

The book picks up exactly where we left off in book three. Casteel has surrendered himself to the Blood Queen and Poppy and Kieran are making plans to rescue him. I love when a book gives you reminders of where the last book left off without having to repeat exactly what happened. The author did a great job at this and I was able to pick up the story even though it has been almost a year since I read the last book in the series.

It is hard to talk about the events of the book without giving spoilers so I will share my overall feelings about the book as a whole. It did started off a little slow for me but I was able to quickly get into story after a few chapters. My favorite part of this book was the deepening relationship between Poppy and Kieran. This author is so great at banter between characters. I love when a heavy plot (like a war between two queens) can be mixed with humorous moments. The supporting characters in this book are great. My favorite being Reaver! The banter between Reaver and Kieran will have you laughing out loud at times.

There is a significant amount of time where Poppy and Casteel are separated in this story. All I will say without giving much away is that their relationship in this book is just as meaningful and spicy as the past books. I always enjoy their playfulness with each other and Casteel’s deep devotion to Poppy.

Overall, I loved the book. I would say the only issue I had is the Prophecy and history of the world Jennifer created was VERY confusing at times. There was a lot of information about how and why Poppy became a powerful god. It was hard to follow at times and my hope is that a lot of this information will become clear in book five.

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